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National award puts MHS among top schools in the country

U.S. News and World Report has awarded Marion High School a bronze medal in its rankings of more than 19,000 public high schools across the country. This puts MHS in the top 27 percent of high schools in the country!

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School Board honors MLK scholarship winners

Posted on Jan. 30 2015 by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
The Marion Community Schools Board of School Trustees on Wednesday, Jan. 28, honored several Marion High School students who were awarded scholarships in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King recently.

The MCS School Board honored MHS seniors Dejah Cyrus and Fallona McMullen, Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship winners, and Inisha Drake, who earned a scholarship from Ivy Tech Community College. Also honored but not present were Ameer Fisher, DeShea Howard, and Emari Carroll, who earned MLK scholarships, and Jayonna Ellis who earned an Ivy Tech scholarship. Also pictured are MCS Superintendent Brad Lindsay, MHS Graduation Coach Larry Batchelor, Marion School Board members Scott Murphy, Pam Hutchison, Greg Kitts, Harry Hall, and Katie Morgan, MHS teacher Bobbie Owensby, School Board member Aaron Vermilion, and MHS Principal Keith Burke. (Marion Community Schools photo)

Several students earned scholarships totaling $8,500 from a group of local churches that gives the scholarships annually, and two other MHS students earned scholarships from Ivy Tech Community College that were awarded at the same event on Sunday, Jan. 18, at St. Paul Baptist Church in Marion. 

We congratulate these outstanding students and wish them the best of luck as they finish their high school careers and continue on to post-secondary education.


Giants compete in Round 2 of WTHR's Brain Game

Posted on Jan. 28 2015 by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
SPOILER ALERT: The Giants' Round 2 Brain Game match is set to air at 7 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 14. If you plan to watch this match, and you don't want to know how the team did before that, then DON'T read the rest of this article! It includes the match results! 

Truman Bennet, Alyssa Ngo, Noah Todd, and Lane Vermillion compete in Round 2 of WTHR's Brain Game on Wednesday, Jan. 28. They competed against the team from International School of Indiana.

Giants advance to Brain Game quarterfinals

With a nerve-wracking win in their Round 2 match on Wednesday, Jan. 28, the Giants earned one of only eight spots in the quarterfinals round of this year's Brain Game high school trivia tournament.

The Giants claimed victory over the International School of Indiana by only a 2-point margin: 26 to 24. The match is set to air at 7 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 14, on WTHR, barring any programming changes.

The team — which consists of seniors Alyssa Ngo, Noah Todd, and Lane Vermilion, sophomore Truman Bennet, and sophomore Micah Hoeksema, alternate — now advance to the third round, the quarterfinals, where they'll face Fishers High School in a match set to be taped March 4. (Fishers defeated Lawrence North and Frankton high schools in the opening round, and most recently Lawrence Central High School to advance to the quarterfinals.)

Micah Hoeksema, Truman Bennet, Alyssa Ngo, Lane Vermilion, and Noah Todd pause for a photo outside the WTHR studios in Indianapolis.

The scoreboard reflects the final score of the match, with the Giants victorious!

Four teams will advance out of quarterfinals into the semifinals round, and two teams will then compete for the 2014-15 championship.

The tournament started with 48 teams competing. The show's format consists of approximately 120 questions from many topics; each right answer is worth one point. Each match pits two teams from area high schools against each other, vying for the right to continue on in the single-elimination tournament. The tournament season consists of five rounds, shown in 31 episodes, usually on Saturday nights on WTHR.  

The Giants earned their place in Round 2 by defeating teams from two other schools during the Oct. 29 taping of the Brain Game at the WTHR studios in Indianapolis: Broad Ripple High School, 22-5, and Columbus North High School, 30-8. (Click here to watch those matches.)

The top eight teams — now including the Giants — win cash prizes for their schools from the competition's sponsor, Westfield Insurance.

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We wish these outstanding students the best of luck as they continue on in the competition! We're proud of you!


C-T: Burke settles into principal position

Posted on Jan. 27 2015 by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
New MHS Principal Keith Burke talked recently about his first few weeks at the helm.

Though Mr. Burke has been here since the start of the year, he worked with retiring Principal Lennon Brown throughout the first semester, a plan put in place by district administrators and the School Board to make the leadership transition much more smooth.

"Things are great," Mr. Burke told the C-T. "The first semester was a great opportunity for me because I had a chance to spend time with Lennon, which was very important, but I think the more important thing was I had the chance to get to know the kids, the teachers, parents and a lot of people in the community. It made for a smooth transition versus coming in cold at the beginning of the year. I think it's been really, really beneficial."

MCS Superintendent Brad Lindsay echoed those sentiments.

"I believe the transition is just as we had hoped," Lindsay told the C-T. "He had the opportunity to learn the system and practices that have been making Marion High School so successful. He had the opportunity to build relationships with students, our faculty and staff, parents and the community. We're off to a great start. ... It's been a seamless transition. Mr. Burke has successfully taken the baton from Mr. Brown, and he'll be leading our team moving forward."

Before coming to MHS, Mr. Burke was in various school leadership positions in Indianapolis. (Click here to read more about him in our news release issued when he was hired last summer.)

He talked with the C-T about what his hopes and plans are for MHS moving forward:

"We want to stay an A school, of course. We want to continue to do the things that they've done to get to an A school but I would also like to strengthen our college readiness culture. We have a strong college and career readiness but I would like to make it even stronger," he told the newspaper. "I believe every kid could and should go to college or some form of post-secondary education. Next year, you'll see college banners up all over as well as Marion things because I think it's extremely important that the kids know and see that to visualize it ... We need to take advantage of the fact that we have these great universities around and get our kids out there and visible and acclimated to those universities so that it's just expected that they're going to do something after high school. In this day and age, a high school diploma is not enough."

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