Creators Alive

Are you a creative individual? Then you must come and join Creators Alive at MHS!

This club helps writers with beautiful forms of self expression, and it lets them have their own voice, and gives them a chance to practice it. It pushes writers to go in the right direction with good writing habits and to continue their craft. Members have a chance to write poems, short stories, and even novels! 

Creators Alive also brings in an Indiana Wesleyan University professor to lead the group in writing exercises. It's a great opportunity to learn from the professor, and to know what is expected at a college level in writing. You even have the chance to submit a piece of your materials to IWU’s literary magazine, Caesura. (Click here to visit the Caesura website.)

The group conducts a couple fundraisers throughout the year to help pay for shirts and snacks for the club.

Members are expected to attend the club's regular meetings, which are from 4 to 5 on Wednesdays in Lab 2-39. These meetings will consist of writing, peer evaluating, and preparing your writing for publication.

If you are interested in taking a chance to express your voice, or if have any questions about the group, please Creators Alive sponsor Ms. Wierenga