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There are many jobs in JROTC:

Battalion Commander: The commander and most senior cadet is in charge of everything in the battalion. Usually, a Battalion Commander holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. The requirements for the position are amazing leadership abilities and the ability to set the example for all cadets. The Senior Army Instructor will choose cadets for this position.

Command Sergeant Major: In charge of all the NCOs and the representative of the enlisted personal. They make sure the enlisted cadets are being treated fairly and can get the job that the officers give them done when they are needed. They are masters of Drill and ceremony. He should be able to instruct cadets on the various Drill commands

.Executive Officer: The second in command of the battalion is in charge of staff and anything that the staff is in charge of. The Executive Officer normally holds the rank of Major. The requirements for the position are amazing leadership skills and the ability to set the example for all cadets and cope with a lot of stress. The Senior Army Instructor will choose cadets for this position.

Adjutant Officer (S1): The leader of everything to do with information on the cadets and in charge of making sure that names, ranks, gender, etc., of each cadet is inputted into the JUMS system.

Security Officer (S2): In charge of the well-being of the cadets and other delicate material and making sure it is all accounted for.

Operations Officer (S3): The leader of all operations is in charge of important events, including Veterans Day, Field Day, the JROTC banquet, etc.

Logistics Officer (S4): In charge of all material, including uniforms, and making sure cadets have the materials and supplies needed for all  events.

Publicity Officer (S5): In charge of making sure all JROTC events are known to the public and making sure we can contact our external sources.

Special Projects Officer (S6): Officer in charge of Community Services within the program. They assist with getting volunteers for various events that JROTC hosts.

First Sergeant: In charge of the everyday routine in the battalion.

MHS Battalion Staff

In a battalion we have six positions that are among the most important: This is the staff. They are in charge of all parts of the battalion, depending on their position in staff. (See Job Descriptions page for more information.) The staff consists of the Battalion Executive Officer (XO) and the S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, and S6 each of which also have an assistant.

Giant Battalion Staff:

Battalion Commander: Lieutenant Colonel Chelsea Townsend

Command Sergeant Major: Command Sergeant Major Stephanie Charlton
Executive Officer: Major Alex Flores

Adjutant Officer (S1):  First Lieutenant Jada Flowers

Security Officer (S2): First Lieutenant Jenna Mauller

Operations Officer (S3): First Lieutenant Thomas Schenck

Logistics Officer (S4): First Lieutenant Taylor Sorah

Publicity Officer (S5): First Lieutenant Adriana Aleman

Special Projects NCO (S6): Staff Sergeant Gavin Goins