Freshman Page

Freshman year can be a big adjustment for you with going to a new school and trying to meet new people, but there are so many people here for you to help make sure your first year at Marion High School goes as smooth as possible! Come down to the student services office to meet your freshman counselor and to learn more about the resources that are available at MHS! Read on below to learn more about some frequently asked about topics.

Students earn 1 credit for every class that they take with the exception of study hall which earns zero credit. To earn a credit for a course, students must pass the class, earning higher than a grade of F.

If for some reason you fail a class and do not receive a credit, be sure to talk to a counselor about how to make up the credit before your sophomore year! This is VERY important!

As a general rule of thumb, students should be earning at least 10 credits each year to stay on track to graduate. Students have a chance to earn 14 credits each year with 7 classes each semester. Be sure you are making up classes during summer school if you fail a class during the school year in order to not get behind.

Diploma Tracks

There are 3 diploma choices for the State of Indiana:
>> For more information about graduation requirements, click here.

21st Century Scholarship Requirements

Each year in high school, those who are signed up as a 21st Century Scholar must fulfill the requirements to keep their scholarship. As a freshman, you are expected to create a graduation plan, participate in an extra-curricular or service activity, and watch “Paying for College 101.” Marion High School hosts freshman Scholar Track labs to help students get started their freshman year. Please make sure that you are aware of the other requirements that come along with being a 21st Century Scholar, such as the required cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher at graduation.

>> For more information click here.

Homework questions?

Don’t be afraid to ask your teachers for help! They’re your best resource for answering questions that you may have with the material that you’re learning. Other great resources that you may want to check out are:  
  • Homework Hotline, a free math and science tutoring service. Call 1-877-ASK-ROSE to speak to a tutor, or visit
  • Kahn Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and more on a wide variety of subjects. Visit
  • Math Help offers customized math video courses aimed at a variety of needs. Visit
  • MHS has several tutoring options here at the school. Listen to the announcements for details, or ask your teacher for more information.