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Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News Marion Community Schools is pleased to announce a new role for a longtime partner.

Lynn Gosser, who has served as executive director of the Grant County Special Education Cooperative (of which MCS is a member) for 25 years, will take on the new role of director of exceptional learners at MCS, which will encompass oversight of the Special Services Department, along with adult education, alternative education, English language learners, high ability services, and more.

“We are thankful that Lynn has chosen to join our team in a full-time leadership capacity and is committing to help us provide our mission-motivated best to our Marion students, staff, families, and community we are privileged to serve,” MCS Superintendent Brad Lindsay said.

Gosser will provide oversight and support for the programs listed above, along with leadership and guidance to MCS social support staffers and the junior high and high school teams.

“I am grateful for this giant opportunity to serve on the administrative team at Marion Community Schools,” Gosser said. “I am both honored and humbled. It is very exciting to be a part of a school district that provides so many opportunities to all students.”

Lindsay said Gosser’s experience will be invaluable.

“Lynn has excellent educational leadership experience engaging the Indiana Department of Education, state special education leaders, Grant County superintendents, local special education personnel, agencies, families, faculty, staff, administrators, and schools,” he said. “We are pleased to welcome her, and we know that her wealth of experiences will help make our Marion Community Schools team even better.”

Gosser earned her bachelor’s degree in special education from Ball State University, and earned two master’s degrees from there as well, in special education and special education administration. She is currently working toward her education specialist degree and doctorate in educational leadership through Oakland City University.

She is a licensed teacher and a certified crisis prevention and intervention trainer. In addition to her duties with the Special Ed Co-op, she has also been a leader in community initiatives to provide expanded opportunities and access to local people, including the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative and the Systems of Care Governance Board.
Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News Thirteen cadets from Marion High School’s JROTC program recently participated in summer camp at Camp Atterbury, a week of physical and leadership challenges designed to push them beyond what they thought they could do. Once Marion cadet was named the best cadet in his platoon, and three others were named to the Top 10.

Marion High School JROTC cadets Eric Asher, Angel Morales, Jade McKoon, Ashley White, and Paige Asher pause for a photo during the water operations at JROTC summer camp at Camp Atterbury.

Cadets were selected for recognition by their cadre/instructors for recognition from their respective platoon. Because of his superior performance and attitude, Cadet Command Sgt. Maj. Joseph O’Donnell was selected as the No. 1 cadet from his platoon of approximately 55 cadets. He was one of only four selected for this honor from the 200 cadets, representing 19 Indiana JROTC programs.

The three Marion cadets selected to be among the Top 10 Honor Graduates from their respective platoon were Adrianna Aleman, Jerit Wigner, and A’Yela Hornaday. 

Cadet Aleman was also recognized for her superior performance while serving as the Cadet command sergeant major during the camp. Cadet Josue Martinez received the Commandant’s Medal for his ability to overcome fear while rappelling off the 60-foot tower.

“It is truly quite an accomplishment for our program to have so many cadets recognized by the camp cadre/instructors for these honors,” said Command Sgt. Maj. (retired) Jon Smith, Army Instructor at Marion High School. “It speaks to the strength of our program and the quality of our cadets. In my opinion, all of our cadets who attended camp are exceptional. The Marion cadets were only small percentage of the total cadet population at camp but earned multiple top cadet recognition.”

Marion High School JROTC Cadet Jerit Wigner overcomes his fears while rappelling off a 60-foot tower at JROTC Summer Camp at Camp Atterbury.

The mission of JCLC is to provide an environment conducive to practical application of good citizenship and leadership techniques taught during the school year. The cadets faced many physical challenges, including rappelling, obstacles courses, land navigation, and a leadership reaction course. Additionally, they learned water safety and survival techniques.

“Camp was a great experience,” said O’Donnell, who has attended two previous JCLCs. “I was surprised and honored to be selected as the No. 1 cadet from my company.”

The cadets rose at 6 a.m. each morning and conducted a full day of training, then ended with two hours of athletic competition each evening. Their bunks, personal area, and barracks were inspected each day to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness. They learned how to function as part of a team, completing most tasks in squad-sized elements comprised of about a dozen cadets.

Other cadets from Marion High School attending JCLC were Paige Asher, Eric Asher, Ashley White, Jade McKoon, Audrey Dickerson, Kaleb Starr, Angel Morales, Tayler Garriott, and Lucas Riley.
Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News Five members of the Marion High School JROTC Rifle Marksmanship Team improved their skills and earned awards at the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s Three Position Junior Air Rifle Camp.

The camp focused on developing the advanced marksmanship techniques to help the cadets improve their skills.  Part of the training included teaching the cadets how to handle the pressures of competition. The week-long camp concluded with a match in which the Marion cadets earned many of the top finishes.

Cadet Taylor Sorah, an incoming senior at MHS who serves as the Giant’s rifle team captain, soundly defeated the other 39 competitors to earn the first place finish in the match.  Levi Hofmann, an incoming sophomore, placed third; Hailey Teagarden, an incoming junior took fifth place; and Rhianna Gary, an incoming senior finished in eighth place. These four were among only eight shooters to advance into the final shooting relay, reserved for the very best marksmen in the competition.

Marion High School JROTC Cadet Taylor Sorah takes aim during the final relay of the rifle competition hosted at the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s Junior Rifle Camp at Camp Perry, Ohia. Sorah soundly defeated all other marksman during the competition.

“I was determined to beat my placement in the final match,” said Sorah, who placed third last year at the Rifle Camp. “I focused on what I was taught during the camp. And it worked.”

It was great to see the cadets’ progress, said Lt. Col. (retired) David Farlow, the Giants coach.

“Our cadets performed superbly at the camp and during the competition,” he said. “They actively learned the lessons taught during the camp, which greatly improved their skills. Then, in the final competition they demonstrated that they could put those skills to the test during the high pressure of competition.”

Jadelynn Kendall, an incoming sophomore, was among the few first-year shooters to attend the camp.  She dramatically improved her skills, achieving a personal high score while at the camp. She also placed 16th during the final competition.

“I was so surprised to see how much I really improved,” Kendall said at the end of the camp. “I was a bit nervous being with all of these more experienced shooters.”

Marion High School JROTC Rifle Team members take aim during the Civilian Marksmanship Programs Junior Rifle Camp at Camp Perry, Ohio. The cadets learned advanced marksmanship skills while attending the week-long camp.

Kenadall was not the only Marion cadet to set a personal record during the camp. Teeguarden also shot her personal best, and Hofmann improved his score by 70 points.

“I love coming to Rifle Camp,” said Gary, who attended her last camp as a junior shooter. “I am even more determined now to work hard this year so our team can return to the National Championship.”

The cadets were able to attend the camp in part due to the generous scholarships provided by the Deer Creek Conservation Club and Deer Creek Realty Corp.

The rifle team members shoot air rifles at targets 33 feet away. They shoot from three positions; standing, kneeling, and prone. Millimeters can separate a shooter from winning or losing.
Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News Registration for the 2017-18 school year at Marion Community Schools will begin next month.

Online registration is set to open on Saturday, July 1. (A link will be available here at our website). Families with students who were enrolled at an MCS school last year can register their students online.

The online registration process can be completed at any internet-connected computer (including the public stations available at Marion Public Library). However, computer/internet access and staff assistance will also be available during our onsite registration days, set for 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. July 11 and 12 at Marion High School, 750 W. 26th St. (This will be the location for registration for all MCS schools, K-12. Staff from all school buildings will be available on those days at Marion High School.) Please enter at Door 4 on the 26th Street side of the building. Parking is available in the parking lot on the east side of the building. Please do not park in the circle off 26th Street. 

Those with students who are new to MCS should plan to attend our onsite registration days to provide needed documentation and information, including proof of residence (such as a recent utility bill with your name and address), and the name and contact information for the school your student most recently attended, along with any health/allergy information.

>> Click here for a flier with registration information, school supply lists, and a school year calendar

Textbook fees and deposits can also be paid online as part of the registration process, or at the onsite registration days (where you can avoid the online payment processing fee).

A note for students registering for classes at Marion Regional Career Center: MHS students will register for MRCC classes during the regular registration process outlined above. However, MRCC has separate times set for county students who will attend in the fall: between 8:30 and 11 a.m. or 12:30 and 3 p.m. on July 12 and 13 at Marion High School. Please enter at Door 4 on the 26th Street side of the building. Parking is available in the parking lot on the east side of the building. Please do not park in the circle off 26th Street.

More information about MCS enrollment is available online at, in the “Enrollment” tab.
Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News

Originally published January 2017; has been updated with current options

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