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Marksmanship team earns high marks in first precision level match

Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News Marion High School’s new JROTC precision air rifle marksmanship team turned in an impressive performance Thursday in their first shoulder-to-shoulder match, including a pair of perfect scores from the meet’s top two shooters.

The Giants battled a veteran team from Bellmont High School and demonstrated that even though they are new to shooting at this level, they are a team that should be taken seriously. And the results for the Giants were impressive.

The Giants compete in the prone position during competition with Bellmont on Nov. 29.

Junior Levi Hofmann, the MHS rifle team captain, and senior Hailey Teeguarden tied for first place with an impressive score of 288. Hofmann broke the tie having earned one more bulls-eye than Teeguarden. The duo also turned in perfect scores of 100 in the prone position, becoming the first Marion marksmen to ever shoot a perfect score in one of the three firing positions.

“I was excited that I was finally able to shoot a perfect score in a competition,” Teeguarden said. “I have come so close many times and done it in practice. To finally make the perfect score is awesome.”

Cadet Levi Hoffman takes aim, on his way to a perfect score from the prone position, and the title of top overall shooter in the match.

Cadet Hailey Teeguarden takes aim from the standing position, on her way to second place in the match, losing by one bulls-eye to fellow team member Levi Hoffman.


Retired Lt. Col. David Farlow, the senior Army instructor for the MHS JROTC and coach of the marksmanship team, was proud of the team’s work.

“What an outstanding performance by our team,” Farlow said. “I knew the move up to shooting in the precision category would be a challenge for us, but the cadets have responded well and worked hard to learn the techniques to shoot at this level.”

The precision category is the highest level of air rifle competition, the same level that college and Olympics athletes compete in. The Giants are participating in the Tri-County Rifle League made up of teams from northeast Indiana.

The rifle team members shoot air rifles at targets 33 feet away. They shoot from three positions: standing, kneeling, and prone (lying flat on the ground). Bullseyes are approximately the size of a quarter coin, and millimeters can separate a shooter from winning or losing. The competition uses the standardized rules established by the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

Despite the strong performance by Hofmann and Teeguarden, the Giants came up short against the veteran Bellmont, who won 1134 to 1119.

Other Giants competing included Josiah Hamilton, Abigail Baird, Audrey Dickerson, and Jaron Hofmann.

The Giants will host Howe Military Academy next week, followed by a trip to the Indiana JROTC State Marksmanship Championship on Dec. 8.