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MHS JROTC Drill Team brings home top awards

Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News The Marion High School JROTC Drill Team earned several more victories early this month while competing at the Indianapolis Public Schools Drill Competition.

The Giants continued their successful season by securing two first place finishes, a third and a fifth place finish in the four events in which they competed against teams from 12 other high schools.

The Giants brought home first place finishes in the squad armed exhibition and the squad regulation drill events. They pulled a third place finish with a color guard team and a fifth place finish in the unarmed exhibition event.

“In three of the events our teams faced their toughest routines ever,” said retired Command Sgt. Maj. Jon Smith. “And in each one they delivered their best performances to date.”

The teams’ preparation is paying off, Cadet Audrey Dickerson, a junior, said.

“I was very confident in our teams for each of the events,” she said. “We have been practicing hard and have now competed several times this season.  We know the routines, and we know how to preform them well.”

The Giants Drill Team has continued to improve and progress over the past couple of years. In the first year of competition, MHS one only a single trophy. This year, the Giants have earned more trophies than in all previous years combined, with 17 and counting.

“It is always great to win in Indy,” said senior Joseph O’Donnell, who also placed ninth from among the 200 plus cadets in the individual knockout precision drill competition. “We know so many of the cadets from the other schools, since most of them are from Indiana and we see them at summer camp and other competitions.”