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JROTC earns victory in National Air Rifle League match

Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News Earning their highest score of the season, Marion High School JROTC’s marksmanship team defeated West Broward (Fla.) High School in an Orion National Air Rifle League matchup last week.

The Giants are 1-1 and currently fourth place in the Distinguished Division of the Orion National League. Hailey Teeguarden led the Giants with a top score of 257 out of 300. The Giants rifle marksmanship team is the defending state champion, and is currently competing in the eight-week round-robin regular season of the Orion League, competing for a division title. The top 16 teams across all divisions will advance to a post-season, comprising two single elimination tournaments, to compete for the league title.

The Orion league matches are modeled after Olympic rifle competitions but adapted to high school athletes. Cadets fire precision air rifles from three different positions: standing, kneeling, and prone (lying flat on the ground). Each athlete takes 10 shots in each position, and each shot is worth a maximum of 10 points. The sum of points scored in the 30 shots is the athlete's total. The team score is comprised of the best four athletes from each team.

Other members of the team who were scored in the Giants’ win are Rhianna Gary, Levi Hofmann, and Jade Kendall.