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MHS JROTC marksmen take top honors at camp

Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News Five members of the Marion High School JROTC Rifle Marksmanship Team improved their skills and earned awards at the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s Three Position Junior Air Rifle Camp.

The camp focused on developing the advanced marksmanship techniques to help the cadets improve their skills.  Part of the training included teaching the cadets how to handle the pressures of competition. The week-long camp concluded with a match in which the Marion cadets earned many of the top finishes.

Cadet Taylor Sorah, an incoming senior at MHS who serves as the Giant’s rifle team captain, soundly defeated the other 39 competitors to earn the first place finish in the match.  Levi Hofmann, an incoming sophomore, placed third; Hailey Teagarden, an incoming junior took fifth place; and Rhianna Gary, an incoming senior finished in eighth place. These four were among only eight shooters to advance into the final shooting relay, reserved for the very best marksmen in the competition.

Marion High School JROTC Cadet Taylor Sorah takes aim during the final relay of the rifle competition hosted at the Civilian Marksmanship Program’s Junior Rifle Camp at Camp Perry, Ohia. Sorah soundly defeated all other marksman during the competition.

“I was determined to beat my placement in the final match,” said Sorah, who placed third last year at the Rifle Camp. “I focused on what I was taught during the camp. And it worked.”

It was great to see the cadets’ progress, said Lt. Col. (retired) David Farlow, the Giants coach.

“Our cadets performed superbly at the camp and during the competition,” he said. “They actively learned the lessons taught during the camp, which greatly improved their skills. Then, in the final competition they demonstrated that they could put those skills to the test during the high pressure of competition.”

Jadelynn Kendall, an incoming sophomore, was among the few first-year shooters to attend the camp.  She dramatically improved her skills, achieving a personal high score while at the camp. She also placed 16th during the final competition.

“I was so surprised to see how much I really improved,” Kendall said at the end of the camp. “I was a bit nervous being with all of these more experienced shooters.”

Marion High School JROTC Rifle Team members take aim during the Civilian Marksmanship Programs Junior Rifle Camp at Camp Perry, Ohio. The cadets learned advanced marksmanship skills while attending the week-long camp.

Kenadall was not the only Marion cadet to set a personal record during the camp. Teeguarden also shot her personal best, and Hofmann improved his score by 70 points.

“I love coming to Rifle Camp,” said Gary, who attended her last camp as a junior shooter. “I am even more determined now to work hard this year so our team can return to the National Championship.”

The cadets were able to attend the camp in part due to the generous scholarships provided by the Deer Creek Conservation Club and Deer Creek Realty Corp.

The rifle team members shoot air rifles at targets 33 feet away. They shoot from three positions; standing, kneeling, and prone. Millimeters can separate a shooter from winning or losing.