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Seniors, you voted! The results are in!

Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
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Here's a look at the Class of 2017 student awards, as determined by the votes of your classmates:

Class Clown:
  • Quinn Lootens
  • Alyssa Evans
Best Smile:
  • Cameron Black
  • Gaby Padilla
Best Personality:
  • Noah Shigley
  • Anne Conrad
  • Alijah Havery
  • Jaszmen Johnson
Most Athletic:
  • Ian Reynolds
  • Abby Eltzroth
Teacher's Pet:
  • Truman Bennet
  • Anne Conrad
Best Eyes:
  • Darrick Jones
  • Rhoni Rumple
Worst Driver:
  • Jeremiah Horvath
  • Anabell Meagher
Most School Spirit:
  • Adam Betz
  • Tae'lor Tyner
Most Gullible:
  • Ryan Gandee
  • Karly Riggs
Best Hair:
  • Marcus Cook
  • Annie Enyeart
Most Photogenic:
  • Nick Spitzer
  • Ellie James
Biggest Case of Senioritis:
  • Austin George
  • Emma Clevenger
Most Creative:
  • Ianne Sierra
  • Courtney Hiles
Best Friends:
  • Tim Leavell & Cameron Black
  • Daija Inman & Jaeda Manuel
Best Dressed:
  • Antonio Ontiveros
  • T'miya Thomas


Become President:
  • Truman Bennnet
  • Anne Conrad
Win American Idol:
  • Deshaun Colemon
  • Ellie James
Become famous:
  • Tim Leavell
  • Stacia Tyson
Win an Olympic medal:
  • Ian Reynolds
  • Camille Wheels
Be rich:
  • Nick Spitzer
  • Abby Eltzroth
Flirt their way out of a ticket:
  • Antonio Ontiveros
  • Karly Riggs
Take over the world:
  • Gavin Goins
  • Alyssa Evans
Marry their high school sweetheart:
  • Ian Reynolds
  • Jenna Mauller

Teacher Superlatives

Here's a look at the awards the Class of 2017 presents to some of their favorite teachers:

Most likely to brighten your day:
  • Mr. Dave Tippey
  • Mrs. Karen Luney
Most likely to have more homework than you:
  • Mr. Doug Porter
  • Mrs. Angela Sellers
Biggest chatterbox:
  • Mr. Tony Moreillon
  • Mrs. Kristi Phillippe
Most sarcastic:
  • Mr. Mark Hyman
  • Mrs. Carie Martin
Most likely to win the Nobel Peace Prize:
  • Mr. Justin March
  • Mrs. Bobbie Owensby
Class clown:
  • Mr. Cean Rench
  • Mrs. Marsha Vermillion
Most school spirit:
  • Mr. Tyler White
  • Mrs. Diana Gardner
Most likely to call you out:
  • Mr. Robert Burchell
  • Mrs. Sherry Grogg
Best dressed:
  • Mr. Terry Lakes
  • Mrs. Tashema Davis
Most inspiring:
  • Mr. Dave Tippey
  • Mrs. Karen Luney

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